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Did you lose your job or otherwise have your career adversely affected by the actions of a co-worker or employer? Were you an injury victim? If so, you need a knowledgeable Civil Litigation Lawyer New York City who will fight for the outcome that is right for you. Mirza Law is a plaintiff’s litigation law firm, and our experienced legal team proudly focuses its practice on employment and personal injury law victims. If you’re one of them, your concern would be thoroughly represented when you speak with a seasoned litigation lawyer from Mirza Law for steadfast representation.

Civil Litigation

The term “civil litigation” can be described as any legal dispute involving two or more parties seeking compensation or other non-monetary relief and does not include criminal accusations. Some cases go to trial where judges decide the outcome, whereas others are decided by a jury. A majority and wide range of civil claims are pursued to receive financial compensation. For example, if you were hurt because of a defective product, you may pursue a claim for compensation against the product designer or manufacturer.

Typically, these cases are settled. However, since insurance companies often tend to offer those injured lowball settlements, for many claimants, this does not always bring a satisfactory outcome. At Mirza Law, we fight for the maximum compensation and justice for our clients, and we don’t settle for lowball settlements you are dissatisfied with. Our legal team is prepared to fully litigate your case and effectively present your claim to the jury.

Our Litigation Services

Our firm handles a wide range of civil cases involving litigation, primarily employment-related disputes and tort cases involving personal injury litigation, product liability, and medical malpractice matters. Our seasoned litigation team is also prepared to handle a variety of other matters such as breach of contract cases, copyright disputes, and other business disputes.

Parts of a Civil Litigation Case

Civil litigation goes through various steps. To start, cases will enter a pre-suit investigation, wherein the plaintiff will retain the services of a litigation lawyer and determine whether he or she will have a valid case. From here, the plaintiff’s lawyer will decide on which court to file the lawsuit in and file the complaint and summons. Once a lawsuit is filed in court, the defendant will then respond, either confirming or denying the contents of the lawsuit.

Next, the case will go through the discovery process, wherein each side will exchange relevant information with one another and depose witnesses. Both parties will then file motions with the court requesting actions. Next, the case goes to trial, and during this phase, a judge or jury decides whether the plaintiff is entitled to financial compensation or other non-monetary relief. Our team is fully prepared to represent you through each stage to serve your interests. In some circumstances, when there are grounds to challenge a judgment from the court, you can also rely on us for competent representation during the appeal process. It is paramount that you have a skilled attorney in your corner throughout the entire process. In fact, the attorney you choose could be the difference between attaining a favorable outcome and not. Our experienced team is fully prepared to fight on your behalf.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Going to court is not the only way our team can help you to achieve a favorable outcome. In the context of employment and business-related matters, based on your voluntary preference, our team is fully prepared to take your case to an arbitrator or a mediator, a neutral third party, and fight for the relief you deserve.

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The bottom line is that if you require competent legal assistance through any civil litigation matter, our competent legal team is here to help. Contact Mirza Law for a legal advocate that will aggressively fight for the outcome that is right for you.

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