Whistleblower Protection Lawyer New York City

New York City Whistleblower Protection Lawyer

Whistleblowers are a critical part of keeping the workplace safe for all, however, when reporting wrongdoing, it is not uncommon for the employer to retaliate against the whistleblower. If you’ve been retaliated against, you must read on and speak with an experienced Whistleblower Protection Lawyer New York City as soon as you can. Contact Mirza Law today to learn more about retaliation claims and how our legal team can assist you.

Whistleblower Protection Lawyer | Here for Whistleblowers in New York City

As you may already know, retaliation from an employer can come in many forms, however, the common denominator is that retaliation is always intended to punish the whistleblower for simply doing the right thing and reporting an injustice. If you were demoted, suffered a pay decrease, were wrongfully terminated, or were otherwise punished because of your actions as a whistleblower, it is absolutely in your best interests to retain the services of an experienced New York City whistleblower protection lawyer who can fight for your rights.

Protections Afforded Under Section 740 of the New York Labor Law

Section 740 of the New York Labor Law exists to protect whistleblowers from retaliation after reporting wrongdoing in the workplace. Anyone who discloses information about an employer’s wrongdoing (such as a violation of company policy or the law) is permitted to do so without fear of retaliation under the law. Whistleblowers here in NY State are permitted to report workplace wrongdoing to their employer without fear of losing their job or future job prospects. You should also note that, under New York Law, in order to provide your employer an opportunity to correct alleged violations, you need to make only a “good faith effort” to notify your employer, except if 1) there is an imminent or serious danger to public health and safety, 2) the wrongful activity, policy, or practice can reasonably be expected to harm the welfare of a minor, 3) you, the employee, reasonably believe that reporting to your employer would lead to the destruction of evidence, 4) you, the employee, reasonably believe that reporting your employer would result in physical harm to you or another person or 5) you, the employee, reasonably believe your employer is already aware of the violations and would not correct it.

Statute of Limitations for Whistleblower Claims

In New York, the statute of limitations for whistleblower claims is two years, from the date the offense occurred, during which a whistleblower has the right to file a retaliatory claim against his or her employer.

Protections Afforded Under the Occupational Safety & Health Act

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration, also known as OSHA, affords whistleblowers protection from retaliation in the workplace. For example, if a construction worker notices and reports unsafe construction site conditions, that construction worker should be exempt from retaliation under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. If that worker is retaliated against, he or she should strongly consider speaking with a knowledgeable New York employment lawyer who can file a retaliation claim on their behalf.

Contact a New York City Whistleblower Protection Lawyer

The bottom line is that without whistleblowers, companies and business executives would get away with countless crimes and unsafe practices, and it is up to those brave whistleblowers to take action to ensure that everyone is following the law. Our firm is committed to helping all whistleblowers who’ve been wrongfully retaliated against. Contact Mirza Law today to schedule your initial consultation with our seasoned legal team.

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