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Mr. Mirza is a great attorney and an amazing human being. I sought his legal advice regarding my employment agreement matters and he provided me with the best professional legal help. He was always responsive in a timely manner whenever I reached out to him. He was very attentive to details and diligent in providing legal advice. I am very impressed with the dedication, compassion, and genuine interest he possesses to help his clients. He is knowledgeable, personable, and incredibly professional. I highly recommend him and his law firm.

- Pasil

Mirza Law was the best decision I made to seek legal help regarding employment issues I faced at my workplace. If you are looking to hire an attorney, Mr. Mirza is the best choice. I can guarantee that once you have used his service, you will receive diligent and high-quality legal service. He responds in an extremely timely matter. He is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy person. There is no other attorney that will work as hard for you. He is a wonderful attorney and I could not have been happier. I will never go anywhere else.

- Edwin C.

Attorney Adnan is an excellent attorney. I have consulted with him on several occasions and he knows the law. He has handled many legal matters for me over the last few years and I am very happy with his diligent legal service. Since I did not understand the complicated legal process and was unable to make good decisions regarding my legal issues, I was looking for a competent attorney. However, in our first meeting, I realized Attorney Adnan is the right attorney for me. He took the time to hear my concerns and clearly outlined the steps needed to address my concerns. He made sure I understood my options with clarity. Besides that, whenever I reached out to him with questions, Attorney Adnan was always very responsive in a timely manner. Also, he was always articulate, knowledgeable, and effective. Knowing a true professional handling my legal matters, Attorney Adnan’s competent service gave me peace of mind. His service exceeded my expectations and I just want to express my appreciation. If you are facing employment law or personal injury-related issues and seeking to hire a knowledgeable attorney, then go to Attorney Adnan. I highly recommend him and his law firm, Mirza Law. I thank Attorney Adnan for his hard work to ensure my success over the years.

- Shirley C.

Adnan was thorough, walked me through from start to finish, and achieved the outcome that was in my best interest, with great satisfaction. Everything was explained in clear and understandable terms while maximizing my options to help me make the best decisions, and stay on course. I felt I had the knowledge and information needed to make the right decision for me through a stressful time. I greatly appreciate his legal expertise, professionalism, honesty, and dedication. I highly recommend Mirza Law.

- Lana

Being a triple-barred attorney in the states of Florida, New Jersey, and New York, I can attest that Adnan F. Mirza, Esq. is an exceptional attorney that stands in a league of his own. Being admitted now over 10 years, and having encountered hundreds of different attorneys, as a colleague of Adnan, I can confidently speak that I would reach out to him first when I need input or guidance or am pertaining the thought of working together on a given matter. His skill set is second to none, he is first-rate in any matter he puts his concentration to! Working beside him, I observed him to be a polished, high-class attorney. I witnessed his superior intellect and in discussions with him on a daily basis, and it was immediately evident to me, his heart has a pure noble cause to serve the betterment of communities and his altruistic devotion to assisting the needs of clients he wishes to serve. Further, Adnan’s unparalleled acumen far surpasses other attorneys I have encountered during the years, and he is a vast resource and an arsenal of knowledge that is a gift to our legal profession! In my opinion, if I was to seek legal recourse in a matter I was unfamiliar with and needed immediate help and advisement on, Adnan is my first resort. Based on my experience of working with Mr. Mirza in the past, as a legal professional, he has gained my confidence and trust, he always concisely explains what the law is and what your best course of action or options are. In short, when it comes to the law, Mr. Adnan Mirza, Esq. is the “game-changer” you need in your corner, and you be wise to hire him as your attorney today.

- Joseph S.

I highly recommend Mirza Law. Mr. Adnan Mirza is an empathetic, caring, competent, and extremely intelligent attorney. He will diligently fight for your rights.

- Fred H.

I enjoyed every encounter I had with Mirza Law. Mr. Mirza is a very honest and hardworking attorney. He is personally involved in each case. In most law firms, you will only be interacting with paralegals and will not actually get to see the lawyer. Mr. Mirza works with each client on an individual basis.

- Elkwood Imports

As an attorney, myself, I understand the importance of reliability. This law firm works tirelessly, with the utmost professionalism, when handling their clients' cases. Highly recommended!!

- John M.

I have consulted Mr. Mirza in several employment law cases for my office clients. Mr. Mirza is an expert in his field, he had always provided me with his professional and accurate opinion which saved me and my clients a lot of time and money.

- Mazen A.

Adnan is a highly knowledgeable attorney with strong attention to detail. He goes above and beyond on any matter he is handling. I will highly recommend him. He is such a great attorney to work with.

- Mojisola O.

I have worked with quite a few lawyers over the years. While it is not too difficult to find a lawyer with the right qualifications nowadays, it is always difficult to find one who is truly devoted and really cares. But my experience with Mr. Mirza was just perfect. He is extremely knowledgeable and competent in his area of practice, but at the same time genuinely kind and empathetic. I could easily tell that he truly cared about my case and wanted the best possible outcome for me. Unlike some other lawyers I previously retained, he was extremely down-to-earth, approachable, and always strived to provide me with the best legal advice promptly. I highly recommend Mr. Mirza. Just give him a call if you need legal advice/assistance.

- Qi Z.

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