What is Wrongful Termination in New York?

wrongful termination new york

Despite not doing anything wrong, your employer terminated your employment. Sadly, this is an everyday occurrence in New York City. Now, you are most likely looking to get some legal recourse for the damages caused by your loss of employment. Your employer’s decision seems unfair – but does it meet the legal definition of wrongful termination in New York? If you are asking yourself that question, please continue reading, then contact an experienced New York City wrongful termination lawyer today.

Can my employer fire me for no reason in NYC?

Unfortunately, the short answer is yes, since New York is an employment-at-will state, your employer can lawfully fire you for any reason, or no reason at all. However, employers are specifically bound by state and federal law and may not fire employees for discriminatory reasons.

When do I have legal recourse for job termination in New York?

If you work under a contract that says that the employer can only fire you for good cause, your employer must provide a “good cause” for terminating your employment. Additionally, various laws prohibit the employer from firing or discriminating against workers for certain specific reasons, including their race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, national origin, age, and more. Employers also may not terminate employees out of an act of retaliation or for lawfully exercising their rights as employees.

How do I prove my wrongful termination case in New York?

The evidence needed to prove your claim of wrongful termination will depend on the nature of the claims. Blowing the whistle will require a different standard of proof than a breach of contract. Nevertheless, the worker can advance their wrongful termination claim by providing the following evidence:

  • Statements made by supervisors
  • Emails about particular workers
  • Whether supervisors knew that the worker was engaging in legally protected activity
  • A history of firing workers after they engaged in similar activities, and
  • Temporal proximity between the protected activity and the termination

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