What is the Minimum Wage in New York City?

minimum wage new york city

You expect to receive the payment to which you are entitled at the end of every pay period if you work for a paycheck. It is an unfortunate reality that this does not always happen for many New Yorkers. Some New York City employers might try to deny their employees the minimum wage to which they are entitled. If you are one of these employees, please read on, then contact an experienced New York City wage and hour lawyer from Mirza Law today.

What is the minimum wage workers are entitled to in New York City?

Enacted as part of the 2016-17 State Budget, the statewide minimum wage here in New York City was raised to fifteen dollars per hour. The plan takes the needs of workers and businesses alike into account. As of December 31, 2016, the first in a series of wage increases went into effect. Rates differ based on region and industry because the increases were calibrated to provide businesses ample time to adjust. Per the General Minimum Wage Rate Schedule, both big New York City employers (of eleven people or more) and small New York City employers (of ten people or less) are expected to pay workers fifteen dollars per hour for qualifying employees.

Does every employee qualify for a $15 minimum wage in New York City?

Unfortunately, not all employees qualify for minimum wage. Some examples of those who may not qualify for the maximum state minimum wage include:

  • Certain tipped employees
  • Minors under the age of eighteen
  • Independent contractors
  • Any employee who is exempt under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act

Nevertheless, most workers in New York City do qualify, so if you have been denied minimum wage, an eminently qualified New York employment lawyer is here to fight for your rightful pay.

How does New York enforce minimum wage laws?

New York State Department of Labor helps collect underpayments for workers who have not received the minimum wage. Often, funds are collected without resorting to court. However, an employer that violates the Minimum Wage Law is subject to criminal prosecution and penalties. You may also take action in civil court. The Commissioner of Labor may require your employer to pay the following:

  • Minimum wage underpayments and liquidated damages, plus
  • Interest and civil penalties up to two hundred percent of unpaid wages

Each year, Labor Standards responds to thousands of employee complaints of unpaid wages and benefits, illegal employment of children, meal period violations and more. This means, your complaint may get lost in the backlog, which is why it is crucial that you call Mirza Law immediately.


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