What Are My Rights if I’m in a Hostile Work Environment?

Conflicts At Workplace. Businss Team Suffering Communication Problem During Meeting In Office

No one should ever feel unsafe in their work environment. Negativity, threats, crude behavior, and more can all produce a work environment that makes employees feel uneasy. If you are facing the effects of a negative work environment and would like to discuss your legal options, our firm can help. Give our firm a call today to speak with a dedicated and experienced New York City hostile work environment lawyer from Mirza Law today.

How does the state of New York define a hostile work environment?

While the meaning of a “hostile work environment” is quite clear, under New York employment law, there is a straightforward definition. Technically speaking, a hostile work environment is a place of employment where an employee’s mental health and overall work performance are affected by improper conduct. You should note, however, that not every type of behavior you don’t agree with will technically qualify as a hostile work environment. For instance, if someone made a rude joke once, you likely will not have the foundations to bring a claim. However, if the behavior is continuous and you are a victim of harassment, you may be entitled to a viable lawsuit.

What steps should I take if I am in a hostile work environment?

Our firm recognizes the stress being stuck in a hostile work environment can have on an individual. That is why the most important thing you can do is collect evidence of the behavior. For example, you could keep a journal of all the improper things your employer or co-workers have said to you. You can also report any instances where you have experienced the harassment and it has gone unnoticed. Lastly, if you have done everything in your power to put an end to the harassment but it continues, you should strongly consider speaking with a compassionate and dedicated employment law attorney who can help you attain the justice you need to recover and move forward.

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