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If you're facing an employment-related issue and need a New York City employment lawyer or you've been hurt and need a dependable personal injury litigation attorney, Mirza Law is prepared to fight for you, every step of the way. We understand that when clients turn to us, it's often at a pivotal moment in their lives, and they need a legal team that truly values the weight of their situation. With extensive experience representing victims of employment discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, and more, as well as injury victims and individuals who've been hurt due to defective products, or medical errors, you can feel confident in your decision to turn to us for help.

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People often find themselves in tough situations that require tough legal representation. We understand that the impact of your case will likely affect your life for years down the road, which is why we're here to offer you a strong legal strategy today. Our experienced legal team proudly fought for employees and those who've been injured throughout New York City, and we're prepared to bring this experience and dedication to the table for you. When you hire us, you'll know right out of the gate that you're far more than just another client–at Mirza Law, we take your case personally.

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“Mirza Law is a humble representative of the hard-working men and women of New York City. Protecting your rights and fighting for your future is always our number one priority.”

Dedicated to Our Clients: When we take your case, you, and only you, are at the top of our list. We will do everything in our power to attain the outcome you deserve.

Tailored Legal Strategies: Every single case is different, which is why each one must be analyzed and handled differently. When you turn to Mirza Law, we'll provide you with a personalized legal strategy, tailored to your case.

Compassionate Yet Aggressive: We have compassion for our clients, but we take an aggressive approach when it comes to representing their interests, whether in or out of the courtroom.

Consistent Representation: There are few things more important than consistency, which is why we strive to bring the same level of excellence to each and every case we handle.

Employment Law

Employees in New York City are afforded various rights under state and federal law. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for employers to take advantage of their employees, despite, in many cases, it being unlawful to do so. As an employment law firm, our job is to protect those rights whether through providing sound legal advice, devising a sensible resolution, litigating in the courtroom, or using alternative dispute resolution methods. Furthermore, to promote safe and better working conditions for employees, we also advise and provide comprehensive legal services to small businesses. Just some of the employment law matters we handle are as follows:

Personal Injury

The unfortunate reality is that here in New York City, serious accidents are all but rare. We've seen people injured in a variety of circumstances, ranging from on the road, on the job, in medical settings, by a defective product or even due to unsafe property conditions. The truth is, accidents can happen just about anytime and anyplace, which is why you need a legal team with significant experience representing clients who've been harmed in a broad scope of accidents. If you are an injury victim and live in New York City, you can lean on us for quality representation you deserve.

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Mirza Law's experienced litigation team handles a variety of cases, including employment litigation, personal injury lawsuits, product liability, and medical malpractice claims. Our legal team is well-versed in navigating the court system, and we serve clients in every stage of the litigation process, from the initiation of a lawsuit to the full trial and post-trial phase. We partner with clients to achieve customized practical solutions for specific and complex problems. We are fearless litigators. We proudly fight to earn maximum compensation for our clients, and we do not settle cases easily. That said, in cases where clients preferred their interests to be served via alternatives to traditional courtroom proceedings, we have a network of attorneys with extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution and a focus on mediation and arbitration.

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